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Can you even imagine companies managing to advertise their services and products without the help of the internet? This is why it is impossible to think that they can learn about a new service from TV commercials. The internet is extremely beneficial from the perspective of the public too.

All of these benefits of the internet, and particularly of our smartphones, has made people completely dependent on their devices. Whenever we are dealing with a new problem, we turn to our phones for its solution. We expect them to help us get through everything. App developers have also strengthened our belief in our phones by making apps for almost everything. This is why when someone is traveling and they require help with the language of a foreign land, they expect help from their phones.

They want apps that can interpret different languages on the go so they can communicate with the locals easily without having to learn their language. If you think Mandarin is the only important type of Chinese, then you should think again because with over 68 million speakers, Cantonese is also quite famous in the region. It is not only spoken in China but also in Hong Kong and Macau.

Overseas Chinese also speak throughout the world. There are no similarities between the two and the speaker of one cannot understand the speaker of the other language. In the Chinese province of Guangdong, Cantonese has a lot of speakers. It is also spoken by the majority of people who live in the surrounding areas of Guangdong. People visiting these areas will either need an interpreter with them to communicate with the natives or find someone in the region who can speak English.

Here are the top ten apps that can help you with Cantonese translations:. However, there is no need to worry because SayHi Translate does. Whether you want text-to-speech support or automatic speech recognition, SayHi Translate has got you covered.

The app is available for free on both App Store and Play Store. This app may be offering less languages than Google Translate but it has a lot more features. Whether you want text to text mode or speech to speech assistance, this app will provide you with both. The app is free but you can get a premium version too if you want it to work in offline mode. Not only does this app offers English to Cantonese and Cantonese to English support but can also scan documents and translate them.

It can read Cantonese out loud to help you with pronunciation. You can also Romanize the text. Their translator app offers voice recognition. You can point your camera at menus and learn about dishes before ordering. You will also get a keyboard extension with the app.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. This Free translator can quickly translate from Cantonese to English and English to Cantonese words as well as complete sentences.

This free translator offers quick and accurate translations right at your fingertips. Translate any sentence or phrase into any destination language, and enjoy a set of useful add-on features such as text-to-speech, and integrated social media support.

This free language translation app becomes really handy for your translation needs when you are traveling. With this app, you can find our what each phrase or word means in a different language. Whether you want to know the meaning of a particular word or want to understand what your word is called in a other language.

This Language Translator has an answer to all your language translation needs with a lot of convenience. Just get started with this amazing language translation app. It is free to download. It will translate the text. You can select words or sentences you've already translated in the past.

Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.For a majority of people, Google Translate is obviously their trusty sidekick when it comes to translating a word, a phrase, or entire websites. Note: If you are looking to learn a new language, check out our article on best language learning apps.

The apps mentioned in this article are for quick translation purposes and not for learning a new language. Best Language Translation Apps in 1. The app extends support for translations in more than languages including Chinese, Korean, German, French, Indonesian, Maltese, Hindi, and more. It includes support for the most offline languages, i.

Apart from typing and scanning, Google Translate offers support for three different input methodsincluding voice, conversation, and handwriting. This means you could speak out the word or phrase you want to translate and even translate conversations in real-time. The best part about Google Translate is that it makes all of these features available for free, without ads or subscriptions. This is the best free translation app out there in the market right now. Microsoft Translator is also quite popular among users for its equally-impressive set of features that enables you to translate text, voice, or photos from over 60 languages — both online and offline.

Microsoft Translate has a simple interface, nothing too flashy, and you may turn to this translation app if you are looking for a Google Translate alternative. It is also absolutely free and comes with a phrasebook with essential expressions for easy communication in international waters. My favorite feature of Microsoft Translator will, however, have to be conversation mode seen on the left in the screenshot above as it allows up to users to jump in a conversation and talk in real-time in their native language.

cantonese translator app

The helpful feature here, though, will have to be that replies from others in the conversations are translated and shown in your native language. I really like this feature of iTranslate as you can point your phone at things and get the translations in international languages almost instantly.

The predefined phrases would also come in handy during your tourist endeavors. U-Dictionary In line with the translation and dictionary apps, U-Dictionary is another great example of the same and it has risen in popularity quite rapidly. It offers to users text translations between languages, offline support for 44 of themand camera translations in 12 of these languages. Some of the popular languages here are Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Hindi, and a host of regional Indian languages.

They are tap to translate and quick search that enables you to select words in an article and see their meaning in a floating bubble and search for translations from the notification bar respectively. The standout characteristic of U-Dictionary will have to be its additional content.

The app offers you access to English articles, games, quizzes, and even a writing club to help you learn and master this universal language. This is nothing compared to Google but Yandex has steadily expanded its offering and continues to do so. The app further offers you the same capabilities as most translation apps, i. Yandex Translate is also a dictionary app and as seen in the screenshots above, you can learn the definitions, synonyms, and usage examples right there.

cantonese translator app

All this is accessible to users for free and the simple UI of the app makes it a joy to use, except for the Russian collections view that can be a bit daunting. Reverso also shows you the pronunciation, reverse translations, and flashcards for more effective learning and revision. While you can continue to use the translation app for free, Reverso also offers a Premium subscription for an ad-free, personalized, and enhanced experience.

Papago has a pretty clean UI and I appreciate the clutter-free homepagewhich includes only the language selector, textbox, alongwith voice, conversation, and image translator options. The colored translations page looks cool and you can view definitions and synonyms right there. The app is totally free and we would love to see it bloom into something more robust but until then, you can also place your trust in WeChat AndroidiOS for your translation needs.

TripLingo vows to offer the same and more, with the availability of text, voice and image translation features that are common in a number of similar apps but tops it off with the inclusion of cultural guides and tools such as a tip calculator and currency converter into the mix.The best Cantonese English dictionary and Translator Free is in high quality and user- friendly.

It will bring you an excellent and delightful learning experience! Version 5. I'm a Chinese mandarin native and English as a second language.

I'm using the iPad app to learn Cantonese since I like Cantonese songs so much. I hope when I input something in the search bar, for each item shown below there are a horn icon and a star icon on the right side so that I can hear the pronunciation and add the correct item in the favorite list immediately without entering into the detailed page. I the favorite list view, I hope the Cantonese pinyin and the horn icon is shown as well so that I can immediately pronounce and hear the sound without entering into the detailed page.

I hope I can sort the favorite list by Cantonese vowels or date added, etc. One of the best cantonese apps I could find. I grew up speaking cantonese, but as i got older I lost a lot of my ability to understand it. Some the pronounciation could use work.

One suggestion is the measure words. I've always had a hard time learning the measure words that go along with nouns, so it would be very useful if they were included in the detailed page.

I like this app. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description The best Cantonese English dictionary and Translator Free is in high quality and user- friendly.

Nov 20, Version 5. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Sing Fu Chan. Size 90 MB. Category Reference. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Learn the most popular and widely used language Cantonese in the most easiest way using the most user friendly app "Cantonese: Speak, Learn, Listen".

Cantonese is one of the oldest dialect used in China, Guangzhou and Hong Kong along with Mandarin and is being used for most trade and social connections. Cantonese is a beautiful language to learn and speak and the app provides really easy ways to learn to speak cantonese If you ever watch hong kong dramas or hk tv shows, you can learn to translate with this app.

Just click and listen and learn. This app is like a language learning or language translator at your fingertips. Perhaps you are stuck in the Guangzhou and need a Guangzhou map. Get this app to help you with directions. This is an easy Cantonese translator allowing you to learn Cantonese quickly.

The Cantonese Language learning app contains various different categories like Travel, Hotel, Airport, Emergency, Medical and many more that makes easy for the user to communicate among the localities.

The app is designed to keep in mind all sets of people who want to learn from the basics or want to get to the advanced level. The app is a perfect tool to learn Cantonese and translate especially for those who frequently travel and for business purposes.

cantonese translator app

It acts as an awesome translator for you. With this app in your mobile phone, you need not require any mediator for communication. Learning language becomes even more interesting when you keep writing the words yourself.

The app also provides really cool notepad feature which lets you scribble down and record the new Cantonese words or phrases that you learn and want to keep track of. This makes it easier to recollect the words related to your business and use it immediately when required.

The app is really user friendly and simply superb tool learn and speak Cantonese. In fact, you can also listen the exact pronunciation of the word using the listen button. So keep listening, learning and speak this beautiful language. It is free to use! We need your constant support to get going. We would love to hear from you. Reviews Review Policy.

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Nemo is designed to start you speaking the most useful words in Cantonese immediately and confidently. With millions of downloads from around the world, Nemo is now available for Android phones and tablets. Then try again. It is meant to be picked up throughout the day, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Nemo targets the words and phrases most often used in conversation. Intermediate learners can progress to a course of the highest frequency words needed for travel and business and begin to have conversations in Cantonese in a month.

12 Best Language Translation Apps for Android and iOS

Advanced students will benefit most from the Speech Studio technology to correct their foreign accent. With Nemo, you can customize flashcards to exercise the language skill you want to improve. When beginning a new topic, setup flashcards to practice translation of Cantonese to English so you can build familiarity with new words. Next, switch to translate English to Cantonese to train your recall and ability to speak.

To complete mastery, switch to cards that specialize in fine-tuning your listening and perfecting your pronunciation. Any card can be marked as a favorite, allowing you to make your own custom deck of cards to focus on the words of the day.

Turn on Review Mode to recap what you practiced earlier in the day to boost your memory retention. Dive into what you want to learn at any time. The phrasebook offers quick access to the vocabulary in the app through a Cantonese-English dictionary interface. Nemo also functions as a translator. Simply find the words you need in the search interface and play its audio through the device speaker.Tips are sent out earlier than anyone else allowing me to get the best odds available and plenty of time to place the bets.

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Top 10 Apps That Are Available For Cantonese Translations

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Intelligent Speech Translator for Travellers - Unique Gadget

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